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Digital Brands: Join The 21st Century Restaurant Revolution

08 Apr 2022
Theatre 3

It’s no secret that the food delivery industry is booming - worth a staggering £11.4bn in the UK (double the 2015 value). In the middle of this booming market stand digital food brands, a tantalising concept for restaurant owners and entrepreneurs. 


Anton Soulier (ex Deliveroo), Founder and CEO of Taster, will speak about the benefits of operating a digital food brand for ambitious business owners looking to maximize kitchen space and accelerate income. 


Using Taster’s own innovative tech suite, partners can be up and running in under four weeks for a small set up and training fee. Partners can generate an average of £7,000 in turnover from the first week of launch, with a net margin of between 15 and 20%.  


If you’re looking for a new opportunity in the booming food space, come and find out more about the opportunity of digital brands.

Anton Soulier, Founder and CEO - TASTER