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Minimise the risk and maximise your returns with Platinum

09 Apr 2022
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People are better together – we really believe that. People are our product – brilliant people with the knowledge, skills and expertise to guide you towards building your successful property business. Investing in Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) can be as complex as it is profitable, so having Platinum’s team behind you really can make all the difference.


Buying properties that will work as HMOs is crucial. Platinum’s experienced buying mentors work with you to ensure you get the right properties for the right price in the right area. Our buying mentors are like personal trainers – keeping you on track and pushing you when needed.


Turning your purchases into high-end HMOs means renovation – and money. Our renovation experts are on hand to make sure you make the right structural and decorative changes and stay on the right side of your budget, finishing with a beautiful, shared living property tenants will be desperate to live in.

Of course, in order to start your property business, you’ll need capital and borrowing potential. Platinum works with some of the best financial brains in the HMO world, meaning you get access to all that knowledge and experience, as well as some great HMO mortgage deals which are exclusive to our Franchise Partners.

We know how frustrating the legal side of buying property can be. So, Platinum’s ‘Power Team’ of external partners includes specialist HMO conveyancers who have worked with our Franchise Partners for more than a decade. They’ll ensure your property purchases go through quickly, legally and with minimum fuss.

Tenant health and safety and legal compliance can be one of the most daunting parts of investing in HMO properties. From licences and fire safety, to rules on minimum room sizes and sanitation, our lettings legislation team are there to ensure you remain compliant throughout your franchise term and beyond.

So, you’ve got a newly renovated HMO ready to be filled with great people, but how do you find them? We’ll show you how to market to people looking to rent great rooms – both online and offline. From online portals to effective social media marketing and print advertising, you’ll be able to find the best tenants in your area with our support.

Robin Grant, Franchise Partner/Property Investor - Platinum Property Partners