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The Double Benefits of Owning a Tutoring Franchise Best of Both Worlds: Personal and Financial Rewards.

08 Apr 2022
Keynote Theatre
It’s no surprise that the tutoring industry is booming - worth a staggering £6bn in the UK. The need for tutoring has been growing steadily for many years as parents want more for their children. It’s even less surprising, perhaps, that the pandemic has fuelled even greater demand. John Preston, Franchisee and UK Franchisor for Mathnasium, will share the financial and altruistic benefits of operating a unique tutoring business. An ex-investment banker, John quickly found the rewards from his business were more than simply financial. After becoming the most successful UK franchisee, he bought the license for Mathnasium UK and now helps ambitious people who are looking to earn good money while delivering much-needed education at the heart of their community. Using bespoke educational material to tailor learning for each individual child, Mathnasium leads the way in maths education – a critical skill for all of us, but particularly in the drive for development of education in the STEM sector, and the jobs of the future. If you’re looking for a new opportunity in the rewarding education sector, come and find out more about the opportunity of tutoring brands. www.mathnasium.co.uk
John Preston, UK Master Franchisee - Mathnasium