2022 Seminar Programme

International Franchise Expo





The Role of Content in Making Business Resilient

08 Apr 2022
Theatre 1

The seminar will ask attendees to look at the Franchise they have an interest in and try to assess its content. We’ll create variables that represent ‘content’ and then use those on a worked example to establish a first benchmark. Then we will compare and contrast others Franchises to understand what skills the Franchisee should have to make the most of the Franchisor’s content.

While any potential franchisee should be brimming with passion for their chosen market area, depending on where the content lies, may require different skill sets.

Fusing these two assessments of the Franchisor and Franchisee, the seminar will provide insight into how to look for reassurance that your chosen field is right for you.
David Harper, Director - Art-K Ltd.