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2023 Seminar Program

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6 Reasons why you need a Virtual Brand

14 Apr 2023
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6 reasons why you need a virtual brand

If you’re asking yourself, ‘what is the point of a virtual brand?’, we’ve got the answer. Actually, we’ve got 7

To diversify your income - Virtual brands give you additional streams of revenue. You receive extra orders through online delivery, and therefore extra income on top of your existing restaurant business. It’s a great way to diversify your income and improve your cash flow.

Make the most of your existing tools and talent - The average commercial kitchen in the UK operates at 70% capacity. So what’s happening with the other 30%? More often than not, it’s not being used. But with a virtual food brand, you can maximise your capacity while your overheads, space, staff, and equipment costs stay the same. You don’t need any additional space, equipment, or people to make it happen. It’s essentially an add-on to your existing operations.

Grow your restaurant business without huge costs - Virtual restaurant brands operate from your existing kitchen. You don’t need to purchase new equipment, add new fittings to your restaurant, or hire new staff. As a result, startup costs are pretty low. When you think about the return you can get from a virtual brand, the minimal start-up costs are undoubtedly worth it. For example, our partners earn between £12,103 and £39,823 per month and increase their gross margin by an average of +9% from running a virtual kitchen.

Expand your customer base - Food delivery helps you reach a wider customer base. On top of customers that are already coming into your restaurant, you’ll also reach more eaters in your local area that want to eat at home

Sam Martin, COO - Peckwater Brands
Leo Brashwaw, CEO - Peckwater Brands
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