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2023 Seminar Program

International Franchise Show


7 common mistakes to avoid when starting a franchise business.

14 Apr 2023
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Chris Roberts is  a qualified franchise professional and has a great deal of experience helping franchisees to start, grow and ultimately sell their franchise businesses. In this insightful and educational seminar he will share really useful hints and tips with you and help you avoid the 7 most common mistakes.

Therefore he will help you to understand the pros and cons of borrowing and the best types of finance to use for the differing needs of your new business. He will explain why you need a business plan and a full set of financial projections and how to use them like a business SatNav.

He will help you to understand the difference between Profit and Cash and show you the value of undertaking some simple financial training to ensure you know how to monitor your financial performance against your business plan and financial projections.

All of these hints and tips will help you to have and run a successful profitable business and stop you from failing and losing the money you have invested. Learn from the professionals and become a professional!


Chris Roberts QFP, Senior Business Consultant @ NGI Franchise Funding Ltd / Chairman @ Franchise Business Training and Consultancy
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