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2023 Seminar Program

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Drive away today with your own car sourcing business

14 Apr 2023
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FindMy.Car was established more than five years ago in the city of Wakefield and offers a car sourcing experience which is guided by one driving principle - putting the customer first.

The aim is now to take this proven formula and expand the business with a successful franchise model.

Unlike other online companies in the market like the well-known Cazoo and Cinch, FindMy.Car does not rely on its own stock. This means it has the freedom to source a customer’s new vehicle from anywhere across the UK car market, without the financial commitment of stock. With freedom comes a high level of customer satisfaction, reflected in more than 200 5-star reviews across Facebook, over 50 5-star ratings on Google as well as Trustpilot recommendations proving this is a brand which really does leave customers driving away happy.

Company director Joe Ellis was the first person to put his belief in the business model. “We don’t sell cars – we search the whole market for our customers and find the perfect car for them,” he explained.

“It is a really flexible service. Customers tell us exactly what they want, we do all the searching and send across all the options.”

Life-changing experience

The first hungry businessman to build a FindMy.Car brand was Chris Moran. He began his journey with FindMy.Car – originally branded as Calder Car – in March 2018 and took the all-important step to becoming his own boss. Since then, he’s seen around 1000 cars take on new owners with hundreds of 5 star reviews to accompany them. 

“Having a strong work ethic and a driven mentality is imperative – it’s exciting to build your business and you need lots of energy but the feeling when you do it is incredibly rewarding.”

From humble beginnings five years ago, FindMy.Car has become a trusted brand and momentum is now bringing greater stability and return business, with many customers who purchased cars in the early years now coming back for their next vehicle.

“No one had heard of our network at the start,” explained Chris. “It took time to build trust and we had to take advantage of own network of contacts but after 18 months the business became self-sufficient and had established real credibility.”

Running his own business has also helped Chris to make significant improvements to his quality of life. Through his hard work and success at FindMy.Car, he now typically takes around six holidays abroad per year and has also managed to navigate his way onto the property ladder, buying his first house in his home city of Wakefield.

“I guess when I look back, I couldn’t ever really have imagined myself being able to do this in my last job. The business has enabled me to earn more money and enabled me to make some positive life choices.”

A low risk, high reward opportunity


Joe Ellis, Co-Founder - FindMy.Car
Chris Moran, Co-Founder - FindMy.Car
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