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2023 Seminar Program

International Franchise Show


Expand your Brands in the GCC Region

14 Apr 2023
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The GCC countries have developed favorable business regulations and laws eager to help activate and acquire entrepreneurial businesses that create job opportunities and revitalize the economy. And the governments of the GCC countries help educate citizens and expats to spread the culture of entrepreneurship and franchise.

  • The Selection of Franchisees

The selection of franchisees is a very important step to expanding the brand in the GCC, the investor may have a lot of money and connections, but he may not be an efficient operator, but he is scattered with other larger opportunities and does not develop smaller opportunities, this can be great if you get a significant person As the franchisor.” However, there are many variables to ensure your brand gets enough attention. Find out who you are selling to, and better yet, find out why they want to buy your brand.

  • Consulting Company

A lot of people in the GCC have money.” “This does not mean that they will be good franchisees. It is important to know their background and other companies they own, evaluate the performance of those companies, investigate the management team, and help choose the specifications required for the success of your brand, thats why you should have a consulting company in the target region, to help you with franchisees selection, supply chain, location selection, recruiting, and auditing.

  • Trademark Registration

trademark registering in the GCC countries before you penetrate the region in order to provide security for your trademark, After you register it, you can grant a franchise right in the entire territories or regions based on the trademark registration under your name as the owner of the trademark and that the investor is the franchisee of your trademark and your brand name.

  • Build a Business Relationship with your Franchisees

With franchisees located far from you, for example, in the Middle East, controlling your brand is difficult, so dealing with franchisees must be based on mutual respect and mutual interest between the two parties in the business relationship.

  • Adaptation of the Brand to the Target Market

This is very important, because the markets of the GCC  region have a special character in terms of not accommodating brands that serve alcoholic beverages and also offer pork , but there's some exceptions, so you must have some flexibility to make your menu suits the taste of the customers in the region while maintaining the identification and characters of your brand.

Ahmed Elsaadany, CO-Founder & CEO - KSA & UAE & EGYPT Pavillion
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