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2023 Seminar Program

International Franchise Show


How to franchise your business and recruit the best franchisees

14 Apr 2023
Theatre 3

A detailed breakdown of what is involved in creating your franchise offer, from the Franchise Blueprint, financial modeling, systematisation, documentation, strategy, and using the right advisors, including lawyers, territorial mapping, media buyers, and consultants. We then move on to discussing the key strategies involved in attracting the right franchisee candidates and taking these prospective franchisees through a process of due diligence, business planning, and meetings through the recruitment process to the signing of a franchise agreement.

This is a comprehensive guide to franchising your business the right way and recruiting only the best quality franchisees
Alan Wilkinson, Managing Consultant - The Franchising Centre
Steve Felmingham, Senior Franchisee Recruitment Consultant - The Franchising Centre
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