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2023 Seminar Program

International Franchise Show


The future of franchising: building a profitable food delivery portfolio

15 Apr 2023
Keynote Theatre

The delivery industry is booming - worth a staggering £11.4bn in the UK (double its 2015 value). In the middle of this booming market stands delivery-first food brands, a tantalising concept for restaurant owners and entrepreneurs.

Harry Rose, Country Manager (UK), of Taster will speak about how, for franchisees, launching a Taster brand is better than creating one from scratch. It’s faster, easier to set up and more profitable. He will cover how companies like Taster are innovating the food delivery scene, offering franchise partners exciting packages of brands and the needed support which allows them to see revenues between £18,000 and £100,000 per month.

Harry will also speak about Taster’s most recent brand launch - Pasta Dreams by Jamie Oliver - and how it is expanding across the UK to bring top quality delivery food to a hungry and growing network of customers.


Harry Rose, Country Manager, UK - TASTER
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