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2023 Seminar Program

International Franchise Show


Be The Hero of Your Own Story

15 Apr 2023
Theatre 3

The seminar will focus on the “Why?” of what drives School is Easy franchisees to do what they do every day. Helping children to be the hero of their own story and feel confident about learning and achieving, is central to everything we do as an organisation, and is often key to attracting new franchise partners to the School is Easy family, beyond the financial rewards on offer.

Children’s education is an emotive subject and we’ll discuss why we find starting with our Why? has become key to School is Easy connecting with children, families, and schools in our local communities.

More than just a reason for doing business, our Why? is also the catalyst for driving the brand forward, with the bulk of our business development being conducted out in the community, face-to-face with our prospective clients. Talking with people directly about why we help change children’s lives, helps shape our business all the way from community to classroom, acting as the foundation that our lasting relationships and success, are built upon.


We’ll look at how ultimately, the soft benefits of owning and running a School is Easy franchise, are actually instrumental in delivering the financial rewards that can be achieved, in building a highly successful and durable education business.

Jon Hayes, Franchise Development Manager - School is Easy
Chris Wyle, Managing Director - School is Easy
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