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2023 Seminar Program

International Franchise Show


Playing your part in the race towards carbon net zero.

14 Apr 2023
Theatre 3

Using Less Stuff identifies how an organisation, and individuals within that organisation, can collectively become more sustainable by minimising its usage of ‘stuff’ and creating a culture change that can take them on a pathway towards carbon net zero.

During this seminar, Nigel will focus on how recent global events have changed the franchise market. Many franchisees are looking at more sustainable options when it comes to investing in a franchise so that they can create a positive impact on the environment. This comes with many benefits such as:

< The ability to attract customers as more brands want to align themselves with environmentally conscious companies

< It can reduce costs due to its sustainability practices leading to reduced overheads

< You can rest assured that your franchise is future-proof as more environmental policies, such as the UK’s goal of becoming Carbon Net Zero by 2050, are put in place.

Nigel Ward - Using Less Stuff Limited t/a The Cost Reduction Company
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