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2023 Seminar Program

International Franchise Show


Transforming Careers, Changing Lives with Pitman Training

15 Apr 2023
Theatre 3

In this seminar, you’ll pick up some top tips on choosing the right franchise. You will also learn about the wonderful Pitman Training business and its unrivaled 185 year history. Pitman Training is the leading provider of adult education training courses in the UK, helping thousands of people to gain new skills to transform their careers. Pitman also supports countless companies and employers to upskill their staff, including Amazon.


  • We will be talking about –
  • The costs / initial investment
  • The potential revenue, profit and ROI
  • The business model
  • The marketing and lead generation support
  • How to expand the business


If you are passionate about becoming a key part of your local community and helping people to transform their lives, and you want to own and operate your own business, then this could well be the right choice for you.

Paul Lewis, Managing Director - Pitman Training
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