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The Care Industry Crisis and The Only Real Solution

13 Apr 2024
Keynote Theatre One
As the population lives longer and needs greater levels of support in their home the home care sector continues to grow. The combination of more
elderly people due to population dynamics and people living longer due to advances in treatment of medical conditions means that by 2035 the
number of over 65s will have increased by 3.8 million and the number of over 85s will have doubled. These projections show that the population aged 65 years and over will increase by 48% between 2015 and 2035. During the same time frame the population of less than 65 years of age will increase by only 3.9%.  
Simultaneously retirement age has increased meaning that many family carers are not able to support their own parents and the impact of
Brexit and the Pandemic has been a dramatic reduction in overseas workers in the UK.
Many care providers operate in the same way, but a few innovative brands have addressed the market in a different way. There is now a clear divide between
business models which were created and refined 10-15 years ago and those able to thrive against the challenges of the current market.
This seminar will help you to consider the key aspects of starting and running a care franchise and help you to recognise whether the approach
taken by the brand you are considering will give you a competitive edge. The care sector is not as competitive, and you may fear, and the staffing of care
businesses is not as difficult as is commonly believed but only if you get the right sort of support from your franchisor.
Dan Archer, CEO - Visiting Angels
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