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Considering franchising your business? Exploding the myths.

12 Apr 2024
Theatre Six

There are several myths and hindering thoughts that many business owners and management teams have when they are considering using
franchising to grow their business. Patrick Burge of Lime Licensing Group has helped lots of businesses grow in lots of ways, including franchising.
In this seminar Patrick addresses the 5 most common hindering thoughts around franchising a business and explains in plain English how you might consider them,
and how you might understand them better in order to make an informed decision about whether franchising is the right route for you to grow your business.

Growing a business might involve organic growth, inward investment or venture capital, partnerships or joint ventures, agents or distributors, franchising
or a number of other methods. But which is best for you now, which might be best in the future?

How will you marshal your cash, time, capabilities, knowledge and other resources to make the right decision for the business?

This seminar might well add to your knowledge in order to enable you to make the best decision you can with the most ‘knowns’.

Patrick Burge, Regional Director - Lime Licensing Group
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