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The Franchise Ripple Effect – From Rock Bottom To Global Mental Health Movement

13 Apr 2024
Keynote Theatre One

Join us at The Mental Wellbeing Company as we are driven to help the world become trauma informed by creating safe spaces to enhance mental health and wellbeing. Let's face it, this is a global pandemic of mental health disorders from our children in the school system, to relationships as adults, to workplace and organisational stresses. 


Step into a transformative seminar and the pressing issue of a rising global mental health crisis. Delve into a personal story of debilitating debt, personal trauma and mental health challenges to pioneering a multi-million-pound enterprise and a global mental health movement.


In this captivating session, learn first hand how the navigation of the depths of rock bottom, to the creation of The Mental Wellbeing Company franchise, with workshops tailored for schools, educational institutions and workplaces  to become  trauma informed and enhance mental wellness.


 Explore the profound ripple effect of resilience and entrepreneurship on a global scale, empowering individuals and communities to thrive amidst adversity. Embark on a journey of transformation, leaving an indelible mark on the franchise landscape and beyond.


Gain invaluable insights into harnessing adversity as a catalyst for success, while forging a path towards creating a global ripple effect of positive change with franchising.

Caroline Strawson, CEO & Founder - The Mental Wellbeing Company
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