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2024 Seminar Programme

International Franchise Show


From a home-based business to worldwide expansion into 40 countries.

12 Apr 2024
Theatre 2
Expanding a home-based business to achieve worldwide expansion across 40 countries is a significant journey that requires careful strategic planning and execution. Although the statement is quite broad, there are key steps and strategies that can be employed to achieve successful international expansion. For instance, listening to Helen's story can provide valuable insights into the key factors to consider and the necessary steps to take when expanding a business internationally. Helen Doron Educational Group in 2023, boasts Master franchisees for over twenty-five years, and 80% of her franchisees have been with her for over ten years, making Helen's journey a great reference point for anyone looking to expand their business globally.
Helen Doron, CEO & Founder, Helen Doron Educational Group - MathRiders & Helen Doron Spanish
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