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Life's not a sausage machine

12 Apr 2024
Theatre Three

Discover 7 ½ creative sparks to unleash your amazing potential to  overcome hurdles to achieve your dreams. 

We’re all unique yet education and working patterns can often reduce our creative intelligence. We can find ourselves pushed to our limits as we juggle an overwhelming about of stuff and lose the ability to problem solve, overcome hurdles and seize opportunities.  

 But there is another way. If you’re at a watershed period in your life and looking to make a change, or you want to take your business to the next level or perhaps you’re just putting feelers out to see what options there are out there… then this is the session for you! 

 In this engaging and nugget packed talk, multi-award-winning entrepreneur, founder of The  Creation Station, Sarah Cressall, shares proven and tested activities that will help you dream, believe and achieve personal and business success and fulfilment. 

Sarah Cressall, OBE, Founder & CEO - THE CREATION STATION
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