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04 Feb 2022

8 Top Tips to Advertise your Franchise Business

8 Top Tips to Advertise your Franchise Business

The abundance of franchises in the current market has made the competition fierce. One in seven businesses today is a franchise, and the trend indicates that the number is set to increase exponentially in the coming years. This number indicates the importance of advertising a franchise business, which helps attract the target audience when expanding the offerings.

The franchisor's part takes a focused effort to establish and grow a sales network. You can choose to sell franchises yourself or hire an industry professional to outsource the sales.


Advertising to sell more franchises 

The franchise market is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years, making it crucial for franchisors to stand out from the competition and attract more viewers with their franchise advertising efforts. The internet has already gone through a sharp rise in franchise marketing, but it is crucial to remember that the franchise market is strongest when word-of-mouth reaches a wider audience. Listed below are some of the most effective tips to market your franchise business in the current market scenario.

1. Work with franchise marketers

Especially helpful in the initial stages of a new franchise system, franchisors will need all the help they can get to generate more leads and reach a better audience.

Hiring franchise marketing agencies that specialise in franchise advertising can help build a team to plan and implement effective franchise campaigns across different channels.

2. Use franchise-specific directories

Many franchisees are constantly on the lookout for franchise opportunities that can help them expand their business operations. Franchisors can use franchise directories to advertise franchise opportunities to prospective franchisees, who might be looking for an opportunity similar to your franchise system.

One of the best ways to get your franchise listed is by advertising with franchise directories; you will need to pay for a listing in these directories where your franchise opportunity will be available in front of many potential buyers.

Franchise advertisers should put their efforts into finding and connecting with online marketplaces, such as Franchise Local, that already have a large audience of interested parties to improve the overall efficiency of the processes.

3. Build an online brand presence

The current marketing strategy for everything is to reach the audience where they spend most of their time, i.e., on the internet. Franchisors need to find ways to build an online presence for their brand and make as many professional online listings as possible to get their brand in front of the people looking for a business. Social media is one of the most powerful tools available right now that can be used to improve your brand engagement and reach a better audience.

4. Create franchise content for franchisees and prospects

The franchise marketing strategy requires your brand to be relevant to the franchisee as well as inform potential franchisees about what they can expect from working with you. One of the best ways you can achieve this is by creating franchise information blogs, videos and webinars that speak directly to franchisees and prospects.

5. Expand franchise presence through franchise shows

Franchise owners are always on the lookout for franchise opportunities that can help them expand their business operations. You can take advantage of this trend by participating in franchise shows, which many franchisee associations organize to showcase franchise opportunities available to prospective franchisees. Franchisors can also approach franchise associations directly to offer their franchise opportunity.

6. Create professional marketing assets

Advertising encompasses any and every media channel that can be leveraged to promote your presence. While traditional outlets are still popular marketing tools, the advertising strategy for today requires a much different “call to action” than the ones prevalent now.

Franchisors need to create franchise marketing materials that are capable of convincing franchise prospects without overwhelming them. Hire a good graphic designer and redo the brochures for a professional look that will warrant the viewers to respond to your message.

7. Work on the entire marketing funnel

Marketing is a multi-step process and franchisors need to market every part of the funnel to see a better return on investment. Instead of focusing on only one part of the funnel, like capturing the attention of people, work towards building compelling tools that will provide your viewers with a reason to engage with your brand.

You need franchise advertising that is proactive and not reactive; focus on creating franchise information that will get franchisees interested and provide them with a reason to call you.

8. Leverage your connections

Word of mouth marketing is one of the oldest and most effective advertising methods available to franchises right now. While this is a tried and tested strategy for larger brands, referrals work tremendously well for new franchise systems as well. Leverage your connections and spread the word about the USPs of your business to generate more leads.

Once you establish franchise advertising and marketing connections, messages can be spread through forums and social communities to attract more buyers.


Constant innovation and technological advancements have led to franchises coming up with unique marketing strategies to reach the appropriate target audience on time. As a result, direct emails, websites, texting, and social calendars are very much a part of the franchise sales process. Working with external marketing firms or franchise brokers can help you sell more franchises while you can focus on the core business. While advertising on franchise-specific directories will help you reach franchise buyers across the franchise world.


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