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09 Feb 2022

Are educational franchises on the rise in the UK?

Are educational franchises on the rise in the UK?

In recent years we have seen many disruptions to our day-to-day lives. One of the biggest disruptions we witnessed was that of children and teens being taken out of school and education for months at a time. While schools provided alternatives to learning for their pupils, children were still at a disadvantage in their learning progress, creating a wider gap in some children’s educations. As a result, children have fallen behind in progress from struggling to keep up with their education as they return to the classroom.

The gap in children’s education has caused concern for many parents across the country, forcing them to seek out additional support for their child’s education. Alongside this, a report from the OCED claims that parents also believe that schools aren’t doing enough to educate their children. While educational franchises were already on a rise before the pandemic, this has certainly boosted the scale and popularity of the sector, which is expected to continue to be in high demand for the coming years. 

As the trends in this market show favourable growth, now could be your best chance to invest in an educational franchise. The children and educational sector is so vast that franchisees have a choice of a variety of franchises which suit their preferences. The sector is so diversified, not just offering franchises which focus solely on educating youths and children in the core curriculum, but also on building creative and fun atmospheres to aid in core skills and development. As busy parents return to the office, now more than ever they will be looking for alternatives to daycare which offer their children the opportunity to participate in activities and also develop themselves whilst keeping occupied. 

If you are interested in an educational franchise, take a look at some of the child and educational franchises showcasing their offerings this April. Grab your ticket for the show and don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of something destined for growth.


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