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26 Aug 2022

Why buy a cleaning franchise?

Why buy a cleaning franchise?

Are you thinking about buying a franchise? Not sure where to start or what industry to choose from? An overlooked but highly successful sector is cleaning. According to the British Cleaning Council (BCC), the leading voice for the cleaning industry in the UK, the sector adds £59 billion a year to the country’s economy and accounts for 1.47 million people in employment. This is one of the many reasons why investing in a cleaning franchise will be especially beneficial and lucrative.


Even more of an incentive in the world of business and franchising, is that there is always going to be a demand for cleaning. A lot of people value the service, whether it's someone's home needing to be cleaned, or a more professional setting like an office or work environment. Furthermore, there is rarely a dip in the cleaning market as when times get tough, people may start cleaning their own homes, but is it rare for businesses or business owners to clean their work environment; It is necessary funding for most organisations. This ensures that a cleaning franchise would be a reliable venture with a consistent source of income.


It is also convenient as you can be based in any location and are likely to still be in demand. Most cleaning companies find that they develop a loyal customer base and have repeat clients that they visit on a regular basis. This also ensures that there is always consistent work. The hours are flexible, and you can adjust them as you see fit. As a franchisee, you may even decide that you will not personally clean but handle other aspects of managing the business. Furthermore, there are low initial costs when buying a cleaning franchise, and they are simple to staff as there is no prior experience or qualifications required to work in the industry.


Moreover, within the cleaning industry, there is some variety to be had. You may want to specialise in a more specific kind of business such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, rubbish removal, or laundry services just to name a few. There has also been a move towards more environmentally friendly cleaning and cleaning products. You and your workforce are helping the environment by being more sustainable while also making a profit through your services.


Significantly, when you invest in a pre-established franchise you are buying into the business model and in turn gaining access to the wealth of experience, training, and support that the franchisor can provide. You will be able to use the marketing materials and other resources that you know have already made the franchise a success.


Overall, a cleaning franchise has proven to be a successful and profitable venture for many people wanting to own a business without the risk of starting completely from scratch. Why not invest today in an industry that is not only reliable but worth billions of pounds?


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