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Demand for Commercial Cleaning Services Increasing

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The commercial cleaning industry presents a great franchise opportunity with incredible potential. Businesses today are much more concerned about cleaning and disinfecting than ever before. 

Increasing Demand

In most businesses, commercial cleaning services are a necessity and not a luxury, so the service is always in demand. Targeting commercial clients such as offices, healthcare services, schools, etc. will keep you in business during hard economic times.

Work From Home

Having a storefront in the commercial cleaning service industry is not a must. Services are provided at customer locations. 

Services directly relating to COVID-19 have created new opportunities for commercial cleaners, either providing new services or marketing old ones in new ways. An awareness that the illness can be easily spread through workplaces has encouraged additional cleaning measures, and these are likely to continue as new variants and breakouts emerge. Customers today are more aware of the risks of diseases and eager to reduce those risks. Specialized cleaning services to combat germs have helped Jani-King stand apart from other companies. In the post-COVID world, disinfecting will also likely continue to be an important part of well-rounded cleaning businesses. Jani-King’s disinfecting program includes using EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered chemicals to kill germs on surfaces.

Cleaning Services Have High Demand

Commercial cleaning services are time-savers for businesses. Assigning cleaning duties to company employees means that these individuals will lose time they could’ve spent working on other tasks. Therefore, a company’s productivity toward growing its business is decreased. Commercial cleaning businesses help clients save more time and ensure their employees are focused on their jobs. Most companies will try to reduce their expenses in times of economic hardships. Therefore, they’ll cut off what they could do without. Fortunately, commercial cleaning services and disinfecting are essential and will likely remain in high demand. 

Join us at Jani-King now!

It’s a very exciting time to be a part of the commercial cleaning industry. Right now is a great time to start a franchise with Jani-King. With a Jani-King franchise, you can work around your schedule, and enjoy all the benefits of owning your own business without the difficulty of learning the ropes on your own. “Cleaning for Health and Safety” is Jani-King’s focus for reducing germs and viruses in the workplace. You don’t need previous experience to start your business. Jani-King offers complete training and ongoing support. Training ranges from standard cleaning practices to advance cleaning techniques, equipment, chemical usage, business management and more.


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