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20 May 2022

The German bratwurst brand, Extrawurst franchise, heads to the UK

The German bratwurst brand, Extrawurst franchise, heads to the UK

One of the leading authentic German fast-food brands is launching their franchise concept in the UK!

The German company has a long history of over 40 years in the industry, with over 30 sites across Germany alone. The fast-expanding franchise sells over 2.5 million sausages each year, with authentic signature menu items made by an authentic secret recipe which is signed off by Extrawursts' German master butchery team. 

The exciting journey into the UK market

Sam Shutt, who will be leading the opening of hundreds of sites across the UK over the next three years with a master franchise model comments on this:

“The UK fast-food to go brand market is expected to recover from the pandemic at a faster rate than the total eating out market so there’s an opportunity for an innovative new offer on the high-street which delivers an exciting range of good value quality food.

“As a nation we love sausages, they are the perfect food to eat on the go all through the day, whether as a breakfast snack or a lunchtime meal with a coffee. We are confident our menu will appeal to consumers and entice them to become Bratwurst enthusiasts.

We will be rolling out our franchise model into 2022 which will be a compelling and an affordable option for many with the potential to drive a great return.”

What can we expect?

Plans include the Extrawurst franchise opening on highstreets, in shopping centres, events of all sizes, street food markets and even festivals. The franchise launch includes Birmingham City Centre, West Midlands Regional Shopping centres, and Nottingham City Centre.

Christian Leding, managing partner at Extrawurst also comments: 

“We are excited to launch our unique, premium and delicious Bratwurst fast-food to go offer to the UK and as we are lucky to have a highly experienced UK partner, we are confident that it will be a success…”

Extrawurst are set to exhibit their opportunity for investment at The International Franchise Show, April 14th & 15th. Want to reach out? Visit or email: or view their company profile here.


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