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Mistakes made by Franchisees

In our previous blog post we explained what a franchise is and now we want to warn you about the mistakes many franchisees make. If you are really interested in franchising, you should read this article thoroughly.

First, there are many questions one should ask oneself before considering becoming a franchisee. You should be aware that with this decision you are going to be self-employed and this self-employment requires a lot of discipline, responsibility and calm. So it's a step much bigger than you think. If you are interested in opening a franchise business, you should ask yourself whether you really identify with this industry. Can you imagine working in this industry in the next 10 years?

If you have doubts about the concept, the industry or the franchisor, you should look around the franchise market and talk to other franchise partners.

Because many franchise partners promise more than they give and it can lead to inconveniences. Trustworthy franchise partners give you information about the development of the contract right from the start and are at your side from start to finish.

Coming out of an employment relationship will be a huge change for you. So you should first take a break to deal with all the important information and to realize that you will be your own boss.

You can also use this time to prepare for your independence. If you judge your commercial knowledge to be insufficient, it is best to attend a course as well. Research all kinds of franchise topics, nothing comes as a surprise than that first sales tax prepayment. Make a note of any questions you may have to ask the potential franchisor.

So, as already mentioned, the changeover should not be taken lightly, because the franchisor takes responsibility for many things, but not for everything.

If you want to go down such a path with Cigköftem, you should know that you will then be part of the family and that we will always be by your side. It is important to us to inform potential franchisees in all areas and to support them wherever we can. If you have any of the above questions or any other, we would be happy to advise you.


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