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Zero Dry Time Explains The Benefits of Owning a Franchise Over a Business Start-up

Zero Dry Time Explains The Benefits of Owning a Franchise Over a Business Start-up

Why choose a franchise over starting your own business?

In the last four years, the UK franchise industry has grown by an incredible 10%, meaning this sector now contributes over £15 billion pounds to the UK economy.

Today, franchising goes beyond just selling physical products. Services such as Cleaning are rapidly growing opportunities. Our own story here at Zerodrytime is testimony to the rising popularity of franchising in the Cleaning sector. 

The UK has in excess of 26 million households and many hundreds of thousands of businesses that require carpet, leather, upholstery and hard floor cleaning.

Founder of Zerodrytime, David Muirhead operated a commercial contract cleaning company before turning his hand to carpets and upholstery. Trying every possible method, David identified a new, huge potential market; Dry Carpet Cleaning - no wet, soggy carpets.

In 2006, Zerodrytime was launched. Utilising the latest technology and David’s advanced industry knowledge, the franchise business continues to grow each year. There are currently 78+ franchisees across the UK and Northern Ireland, with more new franchises due to join the ZDT family in the coming months.

Proven successful track record

Successful franchises tend to be those with clear business processes that consistently deliver positive results to their customers. Over the years, Zerodrytime’s franchisees have built up a track record for success that demonstrates the impressive, realistic potential for a new franchisee. Equally, our franchisees are proud of this achievement, and the company actively encourages anyone considering joining the Zerodrytime franchise to speak to existing franchisees and support these claims. 

Established brand

Anyone who has built a business from scratch knows that developing a strong brand can be a slow, exhausting process. One of the biggest advantages of franchising is that you are buying into an already well-established brand that has a perceived value in the eyes of their consumers.

Training and support

Sometimes people forget that it’s in the company’s interest to give its franchisees the greatest possible chance to succeed. Zerodrytime’s proven business model is perfectly positioned to teach new and existing franchisees the secrets of success. 

The team based at the company’s head office and training centre in the North East ensure new franchisees get on the road to a successful future with a series of mandatory training programmes that must be completed before hitting the road. They need to understand and learn the franchise’s values, business model and processes. 

New franchisees don’t need any carpet cleaning experience. The Zerodrytime team, headed up by David, trains you in every part of the process. Most importantly, new franchisees are given real life training in customer’s homes and business premises, so they can see the Zerodrytime system first-hand, learning all the techniques, tips and terminology of the trade.

Beyond initial training, a good franchise continues to support its franchisees, helping them build better, more profitable relationships as they go. Zerodrytime are continuously launching new products and marketing strategies to further support franchisees, increasing available sales collateral, allowing franchisees more time to focus on building their customer base, and a business everyone can be proud of.



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