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Tezlom Healthcare Recruitment Stand: 620
How it all started to now

Being in business with your family isn’t always easy, but Ryan and Roz, Directors of Tezlom, know first-hand that when times get tough, having your family around to support you makes all of the difference. Their business itself, then called 247 Professional Health, was established in 2008 and ran by husband and wife duo Les and Roz and their sons, Ryan and Tom.

In 2018, the family lost Tom to suicide, and with Les’ health declining from Parkinsons Dementia, Roz and Ryan had a decision to make – to give up or to keep going. In January 2019, they decided to rebrand into Tezlom.

Ryan said: “Our head office team were fully supportive and on board, so next it was time to go to each individual franchise office and tell each franchiser. This wasn’t particularly easy – some didn’t want to rebrand their business and some even left the network, however most embraced it and saw the benefits of our more modern, person-centred approach.

“Next, we redecorated our head office and went into countless photo shoots, both with the team and the offices themselves. As part of the rebrand, we wanted to focus on our agency workers who are truly the frontline of our business – we knew it was time for them to get the recognition and reward for their work that they so deserved. It also allowed us to tell their personal stories as agency workers and what life working at Tezlom was like for them.”

First established in Southport to provide a personalised service for those working in healthcare, Tezlom has an impressive franchise empire spanning the UK, and have added a further five locations to their portfolio in the last 12 months.

Following the brand rollout, Tezlom headed to its first franchise expo in October 2019, followed by London in February 2020, Birmingham in March 2020.

Ryan added: “It’s been an amazing step on our franchising journey to connect with major players in the industry to continue to grow our business.”

When lockdown hit, the decision was made to keep the business open along with its franchises. Teams went straight into remote working, and to support its franchisees, Tezlom invested into a new CRM, app and payroll system, reducing costs to a third of what was being offered by suppliers at the time. The next step was to take recruitment procedures online.

In the months that followed, Tezlom expanded its network and ventured into new sectors such as permanent recruitment and hospitality. The company advanced a digital Learning Management System with full online training and support. Each section of the business is called a Pathway and each Pathway has an online assessment for a franchisee and their staff member to complete and pass.

It was important to Ryan and Roz to add a mental health and well-being element that includes company details for help with addiction and suicide alongside well-being partners such as yoga classes and breathwork classes to access for free.

Ryan added: “There’s still lots in the pipeline here at Tezlom – we’ve created a new website for our hospitality division, and we’re all prepped for a full roll out in January 2022.
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