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Helen Doron Educational Group signs deal with ACES

Helen Doron Education
Helen Doron Educational Group signs deal with ACES
The children’s educational specialists have teamed up to launch a bi-lingual Helen Doron Academy in the U.S.

The Helen Doron Academy promotes a love of learning through a unique, multisensory curriculum that makes use of music. The curriculum includes Spanish speaking, reading and writing in English, science, multilingualism through song (seven languages), fitness through yoga, Pilates, dance, and much more. 

“Helen has developed wonderful learning experiences for young children across the globe. We at ACES can’t wait to spread it in the United States,” said Tom Danehy, executive director, ACES. 

“We are excited that we, at last, found the ideal partner in the United States, as we share the same goals, values, and visions for the children of the world,” said Helen Doron, CEO and founder of Helen Doron Educational Group. 

“Helen Doron Educational Group and Aces will work hand-in-hand to fulfil that mission, bringing excellence in education to as many children as possible.”   

Helen Doron’s Educational Group has been going strong for 40 years, and has reached 40 countries in that time by creating a new way of educating and stimulating children.  

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