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Stepping out of my comfort zone helps me mature and grow as a woman

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Stepping out of my comfort zone helps me mature and grow as a woman
Lucy Fernando case study

Apart from being a full-time mum to two boys, Lucy Fernando is the most successful Area Development franchisee at Fantastic Services for 2020, with ten times higher turnover compared to 2019.

Lucy joined Fantastic Services as an Area Developer for cleaning services and in just a year, she increased the number of delivered services 14 times. After the business got off to a solid start, in 2020, she included gardening to the service portfolio and from managing only one team, she is now sub-franchising to six working franchisees.

Looking back to where it all started, the home services industry was completely new and unfamiliar to her. It's actually the challenge of learning that Lucy enjoys most about the business:

"When I joined Fantastic Services, I really enjoyed not having previous knowledge about the industry. Stepping out of my comfort zone helps me mature and grow as a woman. I also liked the idea of being able to run a business, but with the security of working with professionals who know the industry and have the purpose-built infrastructure to support my partner and me.”

This doesn’t mean that Lucy has never experienced inner turmoils or felt overwhelmed by the execution of a business idea:

“When you throw yourself into a situation where you are expected to make the decisions and be the driver, but you still feel like you are learning, it could feel very overwhelming. It is so important to ensure that you ask questions but that you also commit yourself to take steps to learn what you need to. Ultimately, it is unfair and unrealistic to rely on anyone but yourself, so if you want to make your ideas work, they need to be balanced and formed of educated thought.”

Lucy is the backbone of the business. She is passionate about creating a culture where franchisees and technicians can grow whilst developing the business. She believes that the skills, commitment and passion of the teams are crucial to success.

Are you ready step out of your comfort zone? Fantastic Services will make sure to support you through your journey and help you become their next success story.

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