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The most delicious chocolate experience

Quetzal Chocolate Bar
The most delicious chocolate experience

If heaven on earth exists, it probably looks like Quetzal, the Chocolate Bar. Quetzal offers the universal experience of delicious products and recipes based on four different kinds of melted chocolate. It has everything to satisfy the needs of all chocolate lovers, everywhere.

From mouthwatering milkshakes to unforgettable ice cream sundaes, and from fabulous fondues to creamy chocolate milk, at Quetzal all forms of chocolate delights can be found under one roof. With an endless choice of tastes and sometimes unexpected combinations, the possibilities are infinite. The unique concept came to life when owner of the Quetzal Chocolate Bar, Guy van Puyvelde, lived in Mexico for several years. He felt inspired by the Aztecs and their love for cacao. Van Puyvelde: “Cacao was seen as something so precious by the Aztecs, that they used the cacao beans as money. The Aztec upper
god Quetzalcoatl, also the god of cacao, became the inspiration for our shop’s name.”

And just like the Aztecs, Quetzal sees cacao as something very precious. “There is really an eye for detail in everything. It is not just the product itself that makes it special. It’s the taste, the smell, and the structure of the chocolate. All recipes are unique and proprietary, developed for us by the best chocolate experts in the industry. Our brownie for instance is now very famous, and people come from afar to get a piece of it.” Since its conception almost ten years ago, the Quetzal Chocolate Bar concept has really caught on. “In the coming months we will open more Quetzal locations and we would like to expand to new countries in Europe. We are actively looking for dynamic and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who can help us with this expansion.”

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