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Unique 50/50 partnership model fuels rapid Laser Clinics growth

Laser Clinics UK
Unique 50/50 partnership model fuels rapid Laser Clinics growth

Twenty-eight new clinics, a range of new services and exclusive new product launches have highlighted dramatic expansion in the last year for the brand, which recently moved into new offices in Marylebone to accommodate the growth of its team.

Laser Clinics is the global market leader, providing over 3.5m treatments in 2021 and operating more clinics than any other aesthetics brand.

In what’s believed to be a unique franchise model, each clinic is a 50/50 partnership between Laser Clinics UK and its franchisees: both parties invest the same amount of money, and ongoing profits – up to £1m in the first five years – are split 50/50 too.

The franchise partner also takes a £40,000 salary as the face of the clinic, avoiding the loss of income that’s common for new business owners.

“It’s shared risk, shared rewards where we both enjoy the benefits,” says Jonathan Gardner, managing director of Laser Clinics UK.

“We’ve got nearly 200 clinics across the world. It’s a business model which is proven time and again to deliver outstanding results for franchise partners.”

Clinics focus on four core areas: laser hair removal, skin treatments, skincare products, and cosmetic injectables. Using its scale to secure exclusive deals, the brand is a leader on price and innovation in the booming aesthetics marketplace, which franchise partners say creates exceptional demand.

Sophie Al-Sharhan, Laser Clinics Brent Cross, says: “My wow moment so far? I didn’t expect the clinic to earn this much money this soon on! Month after month we’ve exceeded our targets. So it’s really exciting to see how far we can get in a couple of years’ time, to see that potential growth.”

Having moved from Australia back to the UK to open her clinic in Glasgow, Gillian McDougall had seen first-hand how big the opportunity was. “I see the UK as four or five years behind the Australian and New Zealand markets, the amount of waxing that goes on here amazes me!” she says.

“In Australia everyone gets laser hair removal, it’s become the norm. The UK is still very untapped.”

No beauty experience necessary

Franchise partners manage the day-to-day running of their clinic, leading a team of skilled therapists who are trained to deliver the highest quality treatments by Laser Clinics head office. So rather than a background in beauty, you need positivity, people skills, and a passion to be the best.

Anna Muskett is proof of that. She left a 27-year career in IT sales to start her first clinic in Luton in 2020, and recently opened her second clinic in Milton Keynes. She says: “I didn’t know what to expect, now I live and breathe Laser Clinics.

“If you’ve got the energy, drive, enthusiasm and the will to succeed, Laser Clinics give you a clinic in a box. All you do is put your own personality on to it.”

“This is a life-changing opportunity for the right person,” says Jonathan. “The demand is there, and the risks of going into business are minimised because you’re partnering with a company that not only knows the industry inside-out, but has an equal stake in its success – and yours.”

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