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Chimney Cake

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  • Chimney Cake
  • Chimney Cake
Chimney Cake Chimney Cake Chimney Cake

Chimney Cake, or the Hungarian Kürtőskalács, the German ‘Baumkuchen’, the Saxon ‘Baumstriezel’, the Slovakian ‘Trdelnik’, and the French ‘gateau-a-la- broche’, are all the variations of the same typical festive treat since 400 BC. It has become a favourite companion of coffee and is best when served with varieties of ice-creams and savoury. The truth is that it is catching on very fast globally.

It is a thin strip of specially prepared dough, twisted around a wooden roll and baked in an electric oven or on charcoal. The process of preparing and baking chimney cakes is simple yet unique. Its exceptional cooking style in a picturesque show kitchen would be spectacular in view of passers-by let alone the unmatched taste and aroma of freshly baked bread.

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