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Hand-cut fresh fries

URBAN Fresh Burgers & Fries Stand: 242

Our fresh fries are more than just an afterthought. Crispy, hand-cut with fluffy middles, they're the perfect side to our fresh burgers.

✂️ Hand-cut daily: Starting with the best quality potatoes from local suppliers and giving them the attention they deserve from the moment they hit our kitchen. We believe in freshness, which is why our fries are hand-cut every day.

💦 Blanched to perfection: Our fries go through a three-stage cooking process; blanch, cool and cook. This ensures they're cooked just right – crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside.

🔥 Cooked in groundnut oil: We cook our fries in groundnut oil, known for its health benefits (like being high in Vitamin E and free from chloestoral and trans-fats!) and neutral flavour. The result? Crispy, golden perfection that keeps our hungry customers coming back for more.

🧂 Seasoned to your liking: A classic sprinkle of salt or a dash of our famous paprika for extra flavour!

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