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21 Feb 2024

Helen Doron Education

Helen Doron Education Stand: 440
  • Helen Doron Education
  • Helen Doron Education
  • Helen Doron Education
Helen Doron Education Helen Doron Education Helen Doron Education

After 40 years of defining progressive educational experiences internationally, Helen Doron Education has finally landed in the UK!
Initially offering Spanish, Mathematics, English as a Foreign Language, Literacy, Drama and Early Child Development classes for children in courses ranging from birth until 12 years, Helen Doron's out-front teaching methods help children pass their exams AND give them real-world skills in a safe, fun, musical environment. Encouraging emotional expression, self-awareness, and holistic development.
Helen Doron has spent her life trailblazing and perfecting the world's most innovative teaching method, incorporating exclusive learning materials, apps, songs and plenty of fun. Our classroom teachers are trained and qualified to meet the gold standard, resulting in the highest-quality learning experience. 

Our graduates are more than top students; they're dynamic, creative minds with a love for learning, strong self-esteem, excellent debating skills, and a genuine concern for the environment.

Helen Doron Education is part of the Helen Doron Educational Group.
Our track record spans four decades, with over 3 million children in 1,200 globally benefitting from our brain-stimulating methodology. 

Our franchisees, some with us for 25 years or more, are dedicated to enriching their communities and are passionate about children's education. They receive full support, tools, and knowledge to achieve business success.

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