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Helen Doron Spanish

MathRiders & Helen Doron Spanish Stand: 440
  • Helen Doron Spanish
  • Helen Doron Spanish
Helen Doron Spanish Helen Doron Spanish

The number one learning system for teaching English to young children now offers a Spanish
learning experience. Our programs are customized to how children learn Spanish best, with a unique
methodology backed by academic studies.
Helen Doron Spanish provides a stimulating, engaging, and nurturing environment that helps children
learn Spanish seemingly without effort.
The younger the child, the easier it is to learn any number of languages. The secret is regular and
systematic exposure to the language. In fact, the earlier the immersion in a second language, the
better the grasp of grammar the child will have as an adult (Johnson and Newport 1989).
Our unique and successful methodology teaches Spanish the same way that children learn their mother
tongue. In-class activities are reinforced with original stories and songs that are listened to at home as
background hearing. The sound and rhythm of the language are absorbed naturally during daily activities.

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