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Sharetea Stand: 240

Flavorful Tea

Nowadays, bubble tea is consumed largely on a daily basis. The tea can be mixed with milk or other fruits to create lovely all kinds of flavours. The variety of toppings gives bubble tea different textures to chew on and enjoy. Bubble tea can be served cold and hot, and even ice blended. With its unique taste and flavours, bubble tea has continuously grown its popularity around the world.


Bubble Tea Menu

Sharetea's menu offers an array of bubble tea and Boba tea flavours. Our drinks are made with freshly brewed teas and high-quality ingredients shipped directly from Taiwan. To make sure customers get consistently fresh and delicious products that meet their expectations, we regularly test the tea leaves and ingredients. We offer a high level of customization for our bubble tea, allowing customers to personalize their drink preferences in terms of ice level, sugar level, and toppings added. With over 50 different flavours and toppings to choose from, there is something for everyone. On our bubble tea menu, you can also find unique limited-time seasonal drinks to make each visit a babelicious experience.

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