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Payment solutions and software to help businesses automate and grow

SaltPay is a payment services and software provider, arming local businesses with the technology they need to automate and grow. We`re combining the latest POS terminal hardware with a range of benefits to give our customers access to a simple, reliable, and powerful mix of payment services.

Local businesses play a vital role in our economy and community. Making up more than 99% of European businesses and 67% of European jobs, they're at the heart of everything we do. Every time we spend money at a local business, we`re bringing an entrepreneur`s ambition closer to reality and contributing to the growth of a community. As a society, we take for granted how much impact these businesses have on the livelihoods of our communities, and they deserve better.

Fundamentally, the current payment service model is broken. Today, local businesses spend lots of time adapting to the growing needs of their customers, but the solutions available to address their needs are overwhelmingly focused on helping those who command the biggest budget. When it comes to accepting payments, complex pricing structures, hidden fees, and long contracts make it very difficult for small businesses to operate day-to-day.

We believe it`s time to level the playing field. By arming local businesses with the technology, knowledge, and service they need, we help them to overcome the obstacles they face.


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