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AllStarz Desserts

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At AllStarz Desserts, we differentiate ourselves by using only the finest ingredients. Our creative ideas, designs and enthusiastic execution makes us stand out against other dessert brands and we ensure exceptional desserts are delivered perfectly with every order.
Every dessert is created with an amazing blend of flavours matched with an unrivalled customer experience that exceeds customers’ expectations every time. Our unwavering commitment to this is the very ethos that underpins all facets of our operation and one we continuously strive to maintain - no compromises!
So, whether a customer chooses a mouth-watering Jammie Dodger Milkshake, a refreshing Cookie Overload Sundae, Matilda Fudge Cake, Terry’s Orange Cookie Dough or an AllStarz signature dessert - we’ve got them covered.
For our team, fun is an attitude. Having fun on the job makes our employees more creative, more productive and, ultimately, more satisfied, meaning the vision of AllStarz is carried through in every dessert and every experience - every time. This attitude is infectious and filtrates through to our customers. It has become our recipe for success and one which has bolstered our unique selling proposition tremendously.
Having established two successful businesses within the local town where AllStarz Desserts was born, we have identified the opportunity to grow the brand and replicate our model. We want to share the AllStarz experience with customers across the nation and beyond.
We aim to address the gap in the market with our unique and specialty dessert and milkshake lounges, offering the AllStarz Desserts experience. Our main goal is to become a leading milkshakes brand. Just one sip and you will see why.
Our menu
Our delectable menu offers a wide variety of all things sweet including, but not limited to:
17 varieties of hot American waffles made fresh to order with a scoop of ice-cream
23 chocolate bar and scoop shakes 24 AllStarz milkshake creations
14 flavours of cookie dough served in a hot pan with a scoop of ice-cream
7 flavours of cheesecake
7 varieties of dense and fudgy brownies 8 flavours of sundaes
Make your own options
With a variety of cakes, freshly-made crepes, fondues, gelato, puddings, cool drinks and more, there’s something for everyone at AllStarz Desserts!


98 Queens Road
United Kingdom
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