Baby Cocoon

Baby Cocoon is a Kid &Teen`s brand that boasts fun & original styles with a spirit of the orient as its main hallmark. Baby Cocoon was founded in 2008 in Kuwait with the idea of online shopping as its main platform. Fast forward a couple of years later owing to the huge success of the brand, the first store was launched in 2010 in Kuwait, then a second, a third, and a fourth, until regional demand led us to opening our first UAE boutique and DOHA.

Our Vision:
Baby Cocoon employs a dedicated team of the some of the best international designers in the field and they merge east and west in the most exquisite and innovative ways resulting in a brand which mixes western simplicity with oriental elegance.

Our Mission:
We don`t aim for just perfection but we also want to surpass it to excellence. We want to celebrate every moment of a mother and child`s life. From neonatal to first baby steps to first graduation...Baby Cocoon places childhood at the forefront of the fashion revolution with top notch quality and excellent value.

Our Goals
Baby Cocoon brings the latest fashion from the world`s runways and offers them at accessible price points. Our designers sit at the helm of the latest international trends.

Our Uniqueness
We`ve handpicked some of the best designersfrom across the globe to be part of Baby Cocoon`s fantastic team. The team is led by Mrs Fatma Maskati, one of baby Cocoon`s original founders. We are leaders in our game when it comes to creating fun& innovative trends, with something always new and exciting brewing up behind the scenes.
Baby Cocoon brings the best new picks straight from the runways and pairs them up with shoes, bags, and hair accessories building the client`s closet to feature a complete look.
Our success story islargely based in part to our clients. Our clients come first and we have systems in place to make sure all client`s remarks and suggestions are taken into account. Our clients are our partners and we work hard to make sure they are always satisfied because we believe in the saying `The Client is King!`

Our Franchise
When East and West come together in fashion, it`s a feast for the eyes! We`ve been successfully playing that field for over 10 years which has gained us a big market share and resulted in huge demand and a long list of license agreements.
Baby Cocoon offers a large collection of clothes targeting boys and girls from birth until sixteen years of age. The collections range between simple casual wear to formal festive clothes, merging traditional silhouettes with contemporary designs and styles. The brand prides itself on creating charming pieces using handcrafted techniques and tradition to make each and every piece distinguished and unique in the truest sense of the word.
In order to preserve the traditional element and make our beautiful designs accessible throughout the globe, we`ve developed a franchise system for like-minded individuals and companies that share ourphilosophy, values, as well as the passion to ensure that every design is nothing short of a masterpiece.
Baby Cocoon`s franchise includes a total support and assistance package to help the franchisees benefit from our proven success formula.

Our support
Our franchise development specialists support new franchise openings and provide ongoing support in areas such as Retail operations and product training programs. We also help them find the best sites and assist in site design as well as store opening support. You will benefit from a Robust Marketing strategy in place across the GCC region as well as continuous support services.

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