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1 & 2 OCT 2021


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Become part of - electric vehicle sharing conquers the world! offers two-wheelers` rental for minutes in +25 cities, in 7 countries (Poland, Spain, Croatia, Sweden, Hungary, Romania and Malta), and still counting. This is why we address our offer to foreign franchisees giving them an opportunity to build an innovative business. It is worth using it, even more that based on hitherto experience, return on the franchise investment can take place even after 6 months! The shared mobility market is developing very rapidly.
McKinsen&Company forecasts an increase in the shared (electro)mobility in the years 2015-2030 even up to 28% year-to-year. In three key regions, i.e. in Europe, China, and USA, in 2016, the market's value amounted to $54 bln. Expenses for the "internet of things" technology will increase within intelligent household appliances (52%), vehicles (48%), and intelligent buildings (34%).
The big city life, even though colourful and full of possibilities, also has its flaws. They include i.e. noise, omnipresent traffic, and thus connected increase of exhaust gas pollution. We found solutions to such problems. In 2017 we started to offer electric mopeds' pay-per-minute rental to Warsaw citizens. This service got very popular in Poland, and later in a couple of other countries. With time, increased its renting offer with classical and electrical bicycles. Since 2019 the fleet also consists of electric scooters. The business model executed by still has big development potential, as it operates in line with currently an extremely popular social sharing trend, i.e. sharing common goods, where demand for such services is huge.

The concept of renting electric vehicles is based on mobile app used to handle the rental and making payments for it. User can choose the vehicle from the street, ride it and leave it almost anywhere.

How to invest?
The franchise process is based on purchasing fleet of vehicles and launching the service in a particular city. Full training, marketing, operational, and business support are included in initial investment. At the same time provides high independence and possibility to decide about the business.

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