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1 & 2 OCT 2021


Brezelkoenig International AG

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Everybody loves pretzels:
"Great snack opportunity, kids love it, hipsters love it, tastes absolutely fantastic, premium quality, it`s a meal, it`s a growing category"

Brezelkoenig - A passion for pretzels
- Market leader in Switzerland and Germany with over 60 stores in Switzerland and over 200 stores in Germany (Ditsch)
- World leading pretzel production in Germany, Switzerland and the USA with ~ 650 million bakery products sold per year
- Undisputed pretzel specialist with a unique range of high-quality pretzel products
- Focused take-away shop concept on heavily frequented sites and transport hubs
- Fast and efficient service
- Brezelkoenig is originated in Switzerland
- Brezelkoenig is part of Valora Group

Brezelkoenig - What do you get?
- Proven concept: Highly successful franchise model
- Professional: Support from a strong and experienced organisation
. Unique: Clear USP: single product shop specialist, sharp concept
- Manageable: Easy operations, high rotation
- Always fresh: We bake the whole day, `freezer to oven`
- Simple OPS: Low number of SKU`s, simple recipes
- Fast: Transaction time below 40 seconds
- Fast payback: Low capex
- Profitable: Top of class productivity per m2
- Small space: Only small space required, 20m2
- Efficient: Staff efficient
- Easy: Easy to roll out
- Premium: Core products from our own production sites
- Sustainable: Little packaging material, low food waste
- Independent: Stand-alone kiosk
- Mobile: RMU (remote mobile unit)

Tel: +4915121280180

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