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Burger & Sauce

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Burger & Sauce

We are striving to offer a unique concept in theburger space:
• FRESH - We use only fresh patties (beef,chicken and veg]. Many others are using meat that is frozen/processedwhere as all ourmeat is fresh,neverfrozen. Thisgivesourburgersanenhanced tasteand gives us the edge.
• PRICE -Affordability is in our DNA,The aim is to become the everyday option for food lovers,students and locals alike.
• HOMEMADE SIGNATURE SAUCES - We use our own two homemade signature sauces in both a classic and spicy mix, which really givesour Burgers afantastic taste.
• SIMPLICITY - The whole process from kitchen to back office is aimed to be the most efficient and easiest it can be,with state of the art payment and EPOS systems to support you.
• DESIGN -clean,simple and uncluttered with a strong brand identity.


United Kingdom
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