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CareYourWay is a multi-award winning, family-run home care franchise with a vision of spreading excellence within the industry. With its family values forming the lifeblood of its brand, this unique franchise provides an opportunity to launch and run a thriving home care business, whilst playing an integral role in a vision to evolve the health and social care industry, pioneering the face of care as a unified, passionate brand.

You do not need experience within care to launch a franchise with CareYourWay – a registered manager who you can employ will nurture the care portion of the business. As a franchisee, you will oversee finance, marketing, people management and general operations, ensuring that your clients receive outstanding care whilst the service is provided in a fluid and high-quality manner.

Why choose us?

With nearly two decades operating within the care industry, as well as head office being rated within the top 2 - 4 % of care providers in the country, we are specialists at what we do. With dozens of recognised awards and accolades, we offer an outstanding quality service to our wonderful clients at an affordable price to support them where they’re happiest – at home.

Why own a home care franchise?

Owning a home care business is incredibly rewarding. Every day, you make a life-changing difference to people’s lives. Hearing the stories from family members of how your care has positively impacted their family is truly humbling. As the market flourishes, there is incredible financial opportunity involved.

As the franchisee, you won’t be required to provide any care yourself, or to get involved within care administration. You will oversee all business aspects to ensure success.

The market opportunity.

Homecare is set to see colossal growth within the next twenty years. Indicated by research, it’s estimated that three-quarters of people will develop a need for social care. With over 1.4 million individuals on a waitlist in July of 2021 in the UK alone, the market has never seen such a demand for quality care at home. The UK is undergoing rapid demographic changes, with the Office of National Statistics predicting that people aged 85 will grow from 1.6 million to a staggering 3.2 million within just twenty years. With the government continuously pressed with finances, privately-owned healthcare organisations have an opportunity to fill a widening gap.

As very passionate individuals, we strongly believe in an outstanding support network. We work very closely with franchisees to ensure that they receive support levels that go above and beyond so they can achieve and exceed all expectations. This will include:

  • An established brand and proven business model.
  • Dedicated HR, marketing, operations, and finance support.
  • Pre and post-launch marketing.
  • Ongoing brand advertising.
  • A dedicated ‘coming soon’ campaign.
  • A pre-launch recruitment campaign.
  • A dedicated social media platform.
  • A local website (entirely SEO optimised and editable to include local news
  • and events).
  • An exclusive area of operation.
  • Access to a wide range of material, templates, and tools for all departments.
  • One-to-one franchise mentoring.
  • Excellent CQC compliance and support systems.
  • Training across all aspects of the business.
  • Access to industry-leading care software.
  • Supplier recommendation and offers.
  • Access to a platform containing all key material, including people
  • management, marketing, and operations.
  • Ongoing, tailored business support.

Next steps.

Please request more information to receive our franchise prospectus.

Keep an eye out for us at the international franchise show, we're excited to meet you!


Little Spires
East Allington
United Kingdom
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