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Cheat Daze & BRGR Lab

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Cheat Daze & BRGR Lab

BRGR Lab: Where Science Meets Burgers

BRGR Lab is a fast-food franchise concept launched in 2020 by two brothers that takes the classic burger experience to a whole new level. Founded in Coventry, England, BRGR Lab's unique selling proposition lies in its fusion of a scientific theme with high-quality, gourmet burgers. This innovative approach has quickly propelled them to become a popular choice for customers seeking a fun, flavorful, and memorable dining experience.

The "lab" theme isn't just a quirky aesthetic; it permeates the entire BRGR Lab experience. From the sleek, modern restaurant design featuring laboratory-inspired décor to the menu descriptions that playfully reference scientific terminology, BRGR Lab fosters a sense of exploration and discovery.

BRGR Lab's menu goes beyond the typical burger joint offerings. While they feature classic favorites like juicy beef patties, they also push boundaries with unique and "crazy" burger creations. These might include a sweet and savoury combination of a 4oz Prime Beef Smash Patty topped with Lotus Biscoff Biscuits and Caramal Sauce or a crazy fusion of French Fries and Chocoalte Nutella Sauce. They cater to diverse palates with options like spicy chicken sandwiches, vegetarian and fish burgers.

Despite their experimental nature, BRGR Lab remains committed to using high-quality ingredients. They source fresh, locally-sourced produce and meats whenever possible, ensuring a superior taste and dining experience. Additionally, their signature sauces are packed with unique flavor combinations, further elevating their burger creations.

BRGR Lab's innovative concept, coupled with their focus on high-quality ingredients and delicious food, makes them a strong contender in the fast-food franchise market. Their unique approach provides a distinctive edge in a crowded market, attracting customers seeking a more exciting and memorable dining experience. Furthermore, the lab theme offers franchisors a strong visual identity that can be easily replicated across locations.


BRGR Lab is not your average burger joint. It's a fun, innovative, and delicious concept that appeals to a wide range of customers. With its commitment to quality and unique approach, BRGR Lab is poised for continued growth and success in the fast-food franchise landscape.



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