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Chock Shop UK Ltd

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  • | Food
  • | Single-Unit Franchise

Chock Shop specialise in creating delicious taste experiences through our range of extravagant artisan brownies, since 2011.

These are sold at events - festivals and potentially kiosks in partnership with the events side of the business.

Our brownies are 'The best brownies around... because they are round' Brownies are traditionally baked in rectangular trays and cut in the same shape. But this means someone always gets the harder outside edge, and we know customers want the best bit! That's why at Chock Shop we use a circular cutter to guarantee that every customer gets the heart of the brownie - the sweetest, softest and warmest piece available.

Customers couldn't get enough and soon Chock Shop's famous artisan brownies were causing queues at festivals and markets. Our fantastic product has taken us to events all across the UK, resulting in an incredibly successful brand, able to expand into franchise territories.

You can have the opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur with our help and guidance. Chock Shop's strength lies in the tailored support every Chock Shop franchisee is given, enabling an abundance of chocolatey success. If you're considering taking on a franchise with Chock Shop, you need to know that your business will stand out from the competition. We can guarantee this, as Chock Shop's strong, organically grown brand identity is truly iconic.

Tel: 01873818404


Chock Shop Uk
Nantgavenny Lane
United Kingdom
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