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Roo Coffee

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Roo Coffee

Hello, we are Roo, the only coffee chain that lets you sleep at night. Doing things right doesn’t come cheap. Many of the planet friendly things Roo do on the daily are impossible for independent coffee shops. (and are unthinkable for greedy coffee chains). 

So one day we (Ali & Becca) got thinking... Can we re-purpose the coffee chain model for good not greed? Can we harness the power of scale to brew an affordable cup of coffee using the very highest sustainable practices?

It Turns out doing good is seriously good business. We have been going strong for 4 years and have expanded to multiple locations. Yes we make a damn good cup of coffee, but doesn't everyone these days? What keeps Roo's customers coming back cup after cup is how we make it.

The big chains don’t give a Star*uck about the planet but today’s customers do and they are voting with their wallets. When they buy a cup of Roo they know they’re buying. Roo’s loyal fanbase love that we do things planet-first not profit-first - and they’re happy to pay a premium for it. No coffee chain does more to do things right.



United Kingdom
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