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The Cost Reduction Company

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The Cost Reduction Company

The Cost Reduction Company provides the opportunity to join a sustainable franchise business that leads organisations on a pathway towards carbon net zero and earn commissions along the way, it is a perfect franchise for the recessionary times we are heading into!

Its environmental programme helps organisations reduce their day to day running costs, and long-term consumption, through identifying how a business can become more sustainable by minimising its usage of ‘stuff’.

A recession-proof white collar business with start-up costs funded 100% by the government’s start up loan scheme.

There are a variety of benefits in choosing a sustainable franchise, including:

  • The ability to attract customers as more people want to align themselves with environmentally conscious companies
  •  It can reduce costs due to its sustainability practices leading to reduced overheads
  • You can rest assured that your franchise is future-proof as more environmental policies, such as the UK’s goal of becoming Carbon Net Zero by 2050, are put in place

From a detailed operations manual and marketing launch to training and ongoing support and mentoring, we provide you with all you need to become established.

kickstarted with intensive high-quality training and sales support that will deliver fast organic growth year on year.


Garden Office
The Knoll, Henley Road
United Kingdom
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  • "The training & support I received when i first started was at the highest quality"
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