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Ecolo Synergy

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Ecolo Synergy

Ecolo Synergy is a Canadian company that was founded 13 years ago that offers a unique LOW-E membrane for existing windows that can make a simple pane glass more efficient than a triple pane glass. Certified for its energy efficiency by Intertek and certified for the client's safety by Health Canada's and EPA standards, our membrane is the sustainable solution for existing buildings or houses. Our membrane:

- Reflects 95% of infrared, reducing air conditioning and heating costs by 20% to 40% and increasing comfort in all seasons.

- Reflects 95% of ultraviolet light, protecting your possessions and furniture from premature aging due to the sun.

Founded by Jose De Oliva, an engineer that has 20 years of experience in management of various departments at Bombardier (now Airbus) and General Manager at Intertek for 4 years as baggage. Ricardo De Oliva, his son, has now started to take over Canada's operation and is overseeing the international operation to be ready for the international growth that the company is aiming for.


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