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Enigma Rooms

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Enigma Rooms

Enigma Rooms: the fastest growing leisure company in the UK.

  • High Profit Margins
  • Low overheads
  • help and support from the outset
  • your own territory
  • includes unique designs

We now have 12 locations across the UK, with more on the way. We have been in the Escape Room industry since it exploaded in to the UK, and now have Viking Axe Throwing and Jokers Golf to help create the best leisure experience for everyone.

Escape rooms are now the 'thing to do', from date nights, to family celebrations, work events to night out with friends, whatever the occasion, people are now looking towards escape rooms as their exciting new activity, or hobby.

Enigma Rooms started in April 2016 with just two rooms in one location. Since then, we have expanded into having twelve different towns/cities across the UK, ten of which being franchises. Two of our franchises loved Enigma so much, that soon after buying their first franchise, they bought a second one. Each location is continually expanding, improving and creating.

Since 2016, Enigma has gone from strength to strength, improving the escape room concept, and making fully immersive experiences that continue to make our customers say we’re the best, and ensuring they return to the Enigma brand, time and time again. We also have seven of our rooms in the top 100 escape games in the UK, more than any other company, out of over 1600 rooms to choose from in the UK, it is a fantastic achievement, and one of the reasons our customers stick with Enigma. 

Escape rooms aren’t just a room with puzzles in, they’re an adventure that people lose themselves in, with fully immersive storylines and journeys.

As an Enigma Rooms franchise owner, you can show off your creativity, choose storyline and theming that you’re passionate about, and your customers can relate to and love. It’s not as easy as decorating a room, and throwing in keys and padlocks, there needs to be a logical flow to the game that people will enjoy, however our team will provide you with as much support as you need, every step of the way, from brainstorming ideas and designing the layout of the rooms and puzzles, to support after with bookings, website and social media marketing. 

Enigma Rooms: creative fun and unique experiences, for all ages.


37 Hall Gate
South Yorkshire
United Kingdom
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  • Enigma Rooms

    10 Jan 2023 Daniel Glover
    Enigma Rooms will be returning to the International Franchise show this year [Stand 840]. This time, we have 3 franchises to offer Escape Rooms Viking Axe Throwing Stranger Holes
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