Ayton Franchise Limited

Ayton Franchise Limited facilitates a premier online consumer research service. Operating throughout global territories and with multi-lingual capabilities, our platform aids consumer research projects for all industry sectors at varying levels of complexity.

With ever-growing globalisation and international research expectations, our service appeals to clientele that require economies of scale in their research project(s), and for small/medium sized businesses that cannot afford to make decisions based on internal-research alone.

Our loyal volunteers channel communication and survey responses through our Clicks Research testing portal ( Boasting an incredible 580,000+ profiled volunteers with annual volunteer growth of 10%, we ensure your franchise will continue to expand through a mix of advertising and organic volunteer growth.

Gaining access to our custom-built research software enables you to facilitate; complex, simple, large-scale and small-scale study designs with automatic industry-standard consumer report compilation system. With full inclusive training and support - your team will be able to advise, execute and deliver study reports at industry-standard level.

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