Business Options

Business Options is one of the UK`s leading franchise and business expansion consultancy providing help, advice and support to companies looking to expand their business through franchising, or where franchising is not appropriate, will find alternative expansion models to suit, such as licensing, distributorships or agencies.

Business Options has been helping companies to franchise, both in the UK and internationally for over 18 years. Clive Sawyer, Manager Director of Business Options and is a regular speaker at franchise events such as the British Franchise Associations `How to franchise a business` seminars, the National Franchise Exhibitions, UK Regional Development Agencies, Chambers of Commerce events, and franchise seminars run by the Major High Street Banks.

Business Options has a reputation as one of the leading Franchise Consultancies in the UK and develops professional franchises for the market with the opportunity of building successful franchise networks. They are also well known for their ethical and dedicated approach.

Business Options is the only consultancy accredited by all of the following: the British Franchise Association, the Irish Franchise Associations and the Institute of Business Consulting. Business Options is also accredited by the Institute of Business Advisers.

For impartial expert franchise advice contact Business Options or 01420 550890

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